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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. I have started as a jewelry crafter in 2005 because my passion for jewelry was stronger than anything. My goal is to put my passion to work in order to create unique jewelry for all the beautiful ladies out there. All the pieces of jewelry you see on Precious Stuff are handmade and precioustuff only using silver and natural stones. Starting from the idea that a woman should be both classy and fabulous, prescioustuff mission here is to create a community where all women can feel natural speaking about beauty and jewelry.

We are sure that the passion for jewelry is a passion we all share, so you are more than welcome to join my blog, so you can stay posted with all the news regarding jewelry industry and stay updated about my designs each week.
Together we can become stronger and more beautiful each day. It’s important to learn what is that perfect jewelry that suits us the most and it’s very important to talk about how we can match our pieces of jewelry with our apparels.

You know that life is too short to wear boring jewelry, so joining our discussions on precioustuff blog, we’ll talk about your view regarding jewelry: how to match them, which are the most suitable for your style, why buying handmade jewelry, about new designs and much more. We’ll also talk about the benefits of wearing jewelry and how can we smartly choose the best jewelry without paying a lot of money.

Remember: Beauty begins the moment you start being yourself. I encourage originality and natural behavior. Let’s be beautiful and smart.

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