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Weight : 10.1g


Price: £72.00

Hallmark Handmade solid silver necklace with 2 shaped silver panels joined together by a silver bead


Colour: silver

Composition: 925 sterling silver

Necklace length: 22 cm 8.86 inch

Chain length: 19 cm 7.46 inch

Pendant length: 3.00 cm 1.18 inch


Pendant Weight: 9.9 g


·        Never let perfume or cosmetics spray get on your jewellery.

·        Do not wear your jewellery while in bed, in the bath, gardening, doing housework or exercising.

·        Avoid chlorinated or saltwater and household cleaning products.

·        Sudden temperature changes can damage certain gemstones.

·        Protect your jewellery from scratching and tangling by storing each piece separately.

·        Silver tarnishes in air particularly in hot and humid weather, remove light tarnish with a silver polishing cloth and heavier discolouration with silver dip.

·        Gift boxed.