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Basic Care for Your Jewellery


At precioiustuff we strongly advise our customers to take care of their jewellery.

As a mother, you are very busy looking after the kids doing a lot in the house and hardly have a minute to yourself, let alone having time to care for your jewellery.

You are getting up early and spending long hours at work, forgetting that you should spare only 5 mins to care for your Jewellery.

Rest assured that you are not alone but you can still care for your jewellery.

You do not have to spend endless hours cleaning and polishing your jewellery. A few simple steps can help you to keep your jewellery clean and well maintained.

These are the few simple steps to help you care for your jewellery.

Never let perfumes or cosmetic spray get on your jewellery.

Do not wear your jewellery while in bed, in the bath, gardening, doing house work or exercises.

Avoid chlorinated or salt water and household cleaning products.

Sudden temperature change can damage certain gemstones.

Protect your jewellery from scratching and tangling by storing each piece separately.

Silver tarnishes in air in hot and humid weather.

If necessary remove light tarnish with a silver polishing cloth, a heavier discoloration can be removed with a silver dip.

Unfortunately, there are times where it is difficult to do all that, especially when you have a lot to clean. In this case you can rely on us to clean your jewellery for you.

We strongly advise you to remove your jewellery before any task.

Avoid wearing your Jewellery when swimming or bathing.

A common thing that we women do on a regular basis.

Lastly when you are at your gym, take care to remove all your jewellery.

At home DIY Cleaning

 Use Jewellery Polishing Cloths for Best Results

How to Clean and Care for your Jewellery

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